This Could Be Our Last Chance (Hi Def)

Posted by : CoolStuff | On : 12/12/2012

A chance meeting at a doctors office that leads to a perfect storm of circumstance for two very beautiful young ladies that have a secret!! Candice sits at the doctors office waiting her turn when a very beautiful girl, Danica, comes in. She can’t ignore how attractive this girl is as well as one other particular quality about her. She can’t help but steal a glance. Danica also notices Candice in a very special way. Danica can’t help but notice Canice has incredibly beautiful feet. Making it seem as if she’s just looking down at her magazine, Danica sets her gaze upon Candice’s sexy bare foot as it’s wonderfully exposed in her “barely-there” sandals. What’s more is that Danica has on the same shoes but in a differnt color. Not to worry though as Candice is staring at Danica’s feet as well. Nervously the girls slowly look up to see if the other girl notices and their eyes meet. They give each other an almost uncomfortable smile and laugh a bit as they both begin to notice that the other is gazing at her feet. Candice tries to get out ahead of it to look like the innocent asking “Are you looking at my feet?”. Danica denies it and tries to laugh it off. The girls comment on each others’ shoes then go back to sneakily trying to catch a glimpse at the other’s feet. Then a voice interrupts all the fun. It’s the doctor and he’s got some unsettling news. He tells the girls that in the past few minutes there’s been an incident that leads him to believe that there’s been a “hazardous exposure” happen in the office. He can’t give details other than to say that the office is been put under immediate quarantine and that they must remain in the waiting room and separated from the staff. The girls are shocked!! They push for answers but get none. They believe that what is going on is very serious and so they’re very nervous. The doctor tells them that the incident will be resolved as soon as possible but they need to focus on something else, anything, to remain calm. He leaves them alone in the waiting room where they must stay, totally alone. They chat a bit about their situation and the conversation somehow returns to feet and the suspicion of both girls about the other that she’s looking at her feet. Eventually the girls confess to each other about their love of feet. A crazy coincidence that proves fortuitous. Danica asks, since this incident sounds bad and could even possibly be their last chance to enjoy the feet of another, if she dan worship Candice’s feet. Candice agrees that this could be serious and maybe even spell the end of them and so she jumps at the offer!!! What ensues is a melee of foot love of each of the girls on the other’s sexy bare feet. Driven by passion for the other’s feet they each take turns getting their fill of what may be the “last supper” for them in terms of foot love. They devour the feet of each other licking, biting, and sucking their bare wrinly soles and sexy toes!! They know they’re alone and that no one will come in due to the quarantine so why not cut loose. Hell the doctor told them to find a way to relax and occupy their mind right?!?!!??! A truely sexy foot love encounter that you won’t soon forget or stop watching over and over again!

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